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AlSarah & Nubatones Summer Tour MAY-JULY 2015

NUBATOur Summer 2015  

More dates Coming Soon Full Details here at


5/23/15 >Montpellier, FRANCE  Festival Arabesques 

5/29/15 > Saint Malo FRANCE La Nouvelle Vague de Saint Malo 

5/30/15 > Lorient, FRANCE Les Orientales Festival  

5/31/15 > Laval, FRANCE Les 3 elephants Festival  


6/20/15 > Lisbon, PORTUGAL Lisboa Mistura 

Cairo, Alexandria EGYPT dates coming soon


7/22/15 > Lithuania 

7/25/15 > Goteberg, SWEDEN Clandestino Botnik Festival  

7/26/15 > Malmo, SWEDEN Sommarscen Malmo 

7/31 > Nantes, FRANCE  Aux Heures d’Ete  


8/2/15 > Nairobi, Kenya

8/8/15 > Hungary 

We have more shows coming up all over the place this summer so keep an eye out on our events Calendar for more info.






May 23 Festival Arabesque Montepellier France (W/ Nas el Ghiwane!!!) 

May 30  Les Lorientales in LORIENT France

May 31 Festival Les 3 Eléphants in LAVAL France


Lisboa Mistura Festival  Portugal


Clandestino near GOTEBORG Sweden

Sommarscen in MALMÖ Sweden

Festival "Aux Heures d'Eté" in NANTES France